Monday, May 31, 2004

May 27 (thursday): another fine day in the neighbourhood. Its a bit cold out first thing but not to worry. I arrive at Shepherd's Bush and I see Phoebe and I am blown away, she looks amazing. She asks me how football went and I am proud to announce we won, sounding surpised even myself. I ask her how kick boxing went and it sounded kick ass. Its another great day, the course appears to be going well and it is with great company, I am really feeling confident about things and this exam appears more than passable. The day flies by, with the help of talking to Phoebe and I hop the train home easy, well within time. Its getting a bit worrying now how I really AM recognising faces and become another face in the commuter meatwagon. And even freakier, this evening I sit next to the exact same person as yesterday on the train home. Just as we pull off out of Liverpool Street the office phones and it is Stevo. Instead of anything of importance, he is getting me to say over the phone, over speakerphone who great his goals last night were, mainly for Sunny's benefit.

It get into Colchester in good time and the day has done a complete turnaround, the evening is magnificent, like the height of summer without the horror climates. In the evening I go to the session and point out how ridiculous my causes for concern of last week were, I am ashamed and embarassed. Otherwise though it paints a pretty picture with regards to events, though I don't think it myself.


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