Saturday, May 29, 2004

May 24 (monday): very nervous today, I expect a shellacking at work over the Acme Financal job. I have to walk into work as Azmei is in court in her BIG financial court case. As I walk into work with butterflies I text her "good luck" to which she replies "thank". Be sure not to put too much effort into that now. I step into work with apprehension but the atmosphere isn't bad. Andy comes over to our office and is chipper and there is no indication of any issues with Acme Financial and it doesn't even get mentioned. I go over the road to test the waters and Jimmy says "morning" and hands me my expenses cheque in a good mood. I'm feel uneasy. And Drew doesn't even mention the job, the big shocker. The sphincter loosens and it turns out to be a good day, we fuck about on form. At lunch me and Stevo go to O'Neills but its a bit pony. By the evening I am shattered and pretty much pass out, failing to get any study done (nothing new there then).


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