Saturday, May 29, 2004

May 26 (wednesday): and I journey up to London a complete bag of nerves. A new course, a new set of concerns. And of course I am anxious about seeing Phoebe again (will I luck out and have someone to speak to again this week?). I arrive and the notice board indicates a much larger class pupil wise in a much smaller class space wise. I wonder how my new chav polo shirt looks? Does it make me look fat? Nope, my beer belly does. I stagger into the classroom and there she is, I smile and walk over. She removes her bag from the seat next to her, an open invitation and it could be read into that she was saving it for me (if I am to be the owner of a dellusional huge ego). We talk and it rules and basically we're carrying on from last week. I am so relieved and elated, signs indicate that this is going to be a good course. We talk loads and I can't remember any of it, only that it is all good including her telling me she is sorry that Millwall lost the FA Cup Final ("those thugs, who cares?"). She looks stunning and I don't tell her (duh!!!!!!!). And bonus, its the audit course and I actually know the answers to the questions and, on the whole, I'm good. Our tutor is scary looking because she looks exactly like B's aunt Nina. And sitting to my left is a crap David Blaine (lookalike) cramping my style. The day ends on high notes, life is good. EXCEPT.....

....teachers goes on and on and on at the end of the day which means I have to run for the train in order to get back to Colchester in time for football. I run for the train? That's as rare as Haleys Comet. Still, I do it/make it and football rules. The atmosphere is good this week and so are we. Dick is playing instead of Jimmy and the general vibe is good spirit. Personally I improve greatly on last week (although I still let in some soft goals) and at half time 5-5 and in the second half we eventually edge it 14-10. I was hoping to get my conceded number under ten this week and when Birkett Long slot one in right at the end I am utterly gutted. During the game I mentally play the destiny, "if we can win this, then I can.....", so when we do win the blood rushes/flows and my feeling is that this should be the beginning to a new bout of momentum. Let 'em come, let 'em come!

In the evening dad MSNs me to tell me that he went to Colin's today to get his haircut. This is followed by Chris AND Tom on Messenger and we do a three way, which is as gay as it sounds. Still don't get any study done though.


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