Saturday, May 29, 2004

May 25 (tuesday): more work, more good vibes. Azmei picks me up in the morning and she's so so. Turns out that she is going to have to pay her ex £3000 to get him off her back, which compared to a major proportion/share of a £100,000 house isn't so bad. Still, she's pissed off by it, pissed off by everything. Unfortunately Lindsey cuts in as we walk to work and we stop talking, so I switch to listening to Moyles and go into a world of my own. Azmei does come back to me as we near the office and I begin telling her how I am attempting to learn Chinese in an attempt to impress the girl on the course, it cracks us up that I seem to be putting more effort into learning that than I am my studies. Whoops. We enjoy another relaxed day in the office, verging on fucking about but we're getting work done too so that makes it all right. Its a really good atmosphere in Chernobyl these days, Steve, Sandip and I make a really good team although it does hinder our output sometimes. At lunchtime Stevo wants me to go with him to the Chinese buffet but I feel I should take on of my final opportunities to go round town at lunch with Azmei. Stevo still gets me Chinese buffet and brings it back to the office and it makes me feel like a shithead. Going round town with Azmei is laboured, we really have drifted this year. I haven't seen her for a week and I am telling about my adventures and it really seems to be falling on deaf ears, which I have to admit makes me sad. We wind up just walking around not really saying much. I escape and quickly run to some clothes shops to buy something new in order to look nice at Shepherds Bush this week. I buy a Pierre Cardin polo shirt because I think it looks like something The Streets would wear (chav), all in an attempt to impress. I get in with all intentions to study audit for tomorrow but instead I pass out again.


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