Saturday, May 22, 2004

CUP FINAL. This is so exciting. It is one hour before kick off and it never looked THIS good. Obviously I'm not there, I'm at home and really the game is just the starter for this evening's BBQ. EXCEPT.....everything, all the coverage, is all about Millwall and rightfully so as we are 100 times more interesting and have much more heart than Manchester fucking United. Danny Baker has just made the smartest comment (smart because it echoes my thinking) that the semi final was our cup final, I have been excusing my lack of final tickets for weeks now by going "nothing could top the semi". The atmosphere is transmitting and even at home I am excited beyond belief, more so than I have felt in a long, long time. If things can go right in this, things can go right in life. If Millwall can win the FA Cup than I can achieve an of my miniscule goals (in comparison). Of course no one with a brain is expecting Millwall to win, instead inspecting the boring of Man Utd taking yet another team (though not Arsenal ha ha) to town. BUT there is that small sense of excitement and the just-might-be. Every other minute chills run down my spine, the brain is going "we're gonna get thrashed" but the rest of me (the good parts) are going "we just might pull it off and it just might be the greatest thing going". You can't spell sentimental without the word mental. Man Utd are fucking nervous.


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