Sunday, May 23, 2004

May 22 (saturday): recap of Cup Final day. Wake up early buzzing, take in the news and it is all Millwall Millwall. Very cool. I have stuff to do today/this morning and it's a minor pain when Sara is on MSN from Australia for the first time in about three weeks. After gathering up more stuff from my flat to sell on Ebay I make moves with the intention of getting the hair done before the game. I am in my Millwall shirt but I wear something over the top of it, I'm not that proud. Around 10pm Stevo texts me. Later I see I have a missed call and its Stevo again, from the office. What on earth is he doing there on a saturday morning? Still my good remains entact and whenever I feel good I don't really worry about finances which sees my unwisely buying the Streets and Morrissey CDs on the card. I rush home like a nutter in time to catch the last cut at Colin's (National Front Desmond's) and it's closed, he's on holiday. Gutted, my spider sense now begins to question how good today will actually be. I curse and swear, my hair is a mess and I really really really wanted to look better for next week's days up London. Obviously I jump to blaming you know who for preventing me getting it done last weekend.

The game happens, things get tense between me and my parents.

After the game mother deems it too cold for BBQ. No way! This caps the day, ulitmately it all has gone tits up and suddenly I am bumped back to reality with a real thump. Mild depression kicks in and I just know monday will be a bad one now (although I did have Mr Melchard cheekily texting me after the game, so I guess he isn't pissed off at me). It is another glorious evening but I don't get home until late even though Chris wanted to go out. I wish there was more to report but in the aftermath of all that, nada.


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