Saturday, May 29, 2004

May 23 (sunday): another day dedicated to revision. I try, I really try. Tax all the way. Early on Chris texts inviting me to eat. There are two options/occasions: one with his Girl Nation and another with his family and I appear to be steered towards the latter, although I am officially invited to both. However, with regards to his Girl Nation, I am as popular as a dose of the clap and add to that, it is at Clowns and I vow to never to eat there, anywhere that has Steve Nice involved in the preparation is a health risk.

With reservation I opt for the family do at Montes and I feel a bit awkward, I'm not a family member. Add to this Chris' uncles' girlfriend actually thinks I am Chris at first. It actually turns out tonnes of fun in the end, once the realisation that the starter wasn't the main course. Chris' family is really cool, its funny seeing his dad sit next to who is obviously is his brother because it looks like a version of Chris' dad but with hair. Good food too, tomorrow I can tell everyone at work (on my last day there) that I ate Nepalese food.

After we head to the Hogshead and it is an awesome summer evening. Nina, Skittles and others are there and I'm fairly on form (happy) and its good times. Come closing time though the race is on to get home: Police Academy is on 4. That stuff is funnier than ever


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