Monday, May 31, 2004

May 30 (Sunday): today is set aside for studying and that's what I do. Today is a real yawner and I may as well spend a day in bed. I do the newspaper run via Asda and sneak into work to use their computers and see what state the office awaits me tuesday (I also debate whether to jizz more money on the Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD). Studying happens and no surprises I am still struggling beyond belief with tax. I do a fair bit, cover a lot of ground but my heart really isn't in it and I can't see me getting tax in mind. Still, things look fairly rosey and I am not panicking or worrying, which seems a false sense of security/confidence. Maybe its the St John's Wort. I'm also popping pep pills (caffeine in tab). I walk around confident but not necessarily complete. I jack in early and hit the tube. I watch the Jerky Boys movie and fall asleep, surely it wasn't that bad before (even with Ozzy and Helmet cameos). I scrap around for a DVD before bed and plump with Anything Else, Woody Allen's last film. I need direction


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