Monday, May 31, 2004

May 29 (saturday): shitola. Azmei kindly chooses to ignore my text asking what's happening with Margaret's barbecue today as I know nothing: where it is, who is going, when it starts. She really is a cunt sometimes. I can't hang about though, stuff to do and this week I finally get my haircut. I go in maintaining my high morale despite being messed about by Azmei. It takes its time but eventually I get my do done with Colin saying to me as I leave "bet you're glad to get out of here". Not at all but unfortunately some old duffer brought his wife into the barbers with him and immediately everyone shuts up from saying anything interesting or funny or anything. Instead we get them talking about professional cockney Joe Brown (anyone under 25 ever heard of him?). I do the paper run and text Azmei asking if she is all right, seems I've pissed her off. Wow, I nearly faint when she actually/eventually texts back to this one. She tells me she's looking forward to the BBQ and asks me if I'm going.... I swear. I enquire about it and she's as a vague and useless as ever. Eventually she goes "please come" but by now its just about to begin and I'm stuck in Clacton. I am so goddamn pissed off and I allow it to ruin my day. I watch the play offs final and am shocked when Crystal Palace actually beat West Ham. Good, hope the Premiership bankrupts them. Around 8pm Azmei texts me asking if I've had a good day and that I "missed a good BBQ and I should have come". Talk about red rag, why on earth would she say that to me other than to piss me off? Her fucking fault I didn't go. So there I am texting while driving as we snap back at eachother. I tell her she really let me down and she never responds to this. Ironically her sister begins texting me and she says "it sounded drab by what Azmei". Headfucks everyone.


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