Wednesday, May 19, 2004

18 May (tuesday): another hot day and today I get the trains right and get a seat! It's the 6.50 train that is fairly empty. Moyles is back on the radio and he actually manages to make me laugh out loud on the train making me look like a dickhead. I get to Shepherds Bush around 8.30. In the classroom the oriental lady is back again and when I turn up and sit down she smiles and says "hello". I go goofy and say "hi" in a startled gay manner. That's the problem with first impressions...... Today is bad, I lose the plot. Inheritance tax is way too involved. I am resorting to copying the answers out of the book and trying to work them backwards and learn that way, the puzzle book method I guess. What a crock of shit, I'm learning nothing. At lunch I attempt to cheer myself up by retail therapy and buying a Best Hip Hop Albums Ever book. I look smart to the oriental girl with my new hip book. For a second day running someone at the fucking office is trying to call my mobile. I'm busy. I get panicky and worry whether it is about Crystal Financial Management, my latest abortion of a job. The day turns out excruciating as in the afternoon is a repeat of not knowing the work once more. Am I dyslexic? I do wonder sometimes. Still, typing this all right even if nobody is actually reading it. No copping feels on the train home tonight, instead stinky male commuters basically appear to be cuddling up to me. When I get in episodes 9 and 10 of series 5 of the Sopranos have turned up (still no sign of them being broadcast on Channel 4/E4 in this country). This series is at times hit and miss but these two episodes are really good. Vito sucking a security guard off? No way! Steve Buscemi's character not going poo. Brilliant! Tony mocking Janice's crap anger management, starting an argument and stomping off to the Kinks' I'm Not Like Everybody Else, which actually was a favourite of Metal Dan. I spend way too long afterwards on the internet looking for Tony's ringtone. I once was in a class where a black bloke's phone went off and it was THAT tune/tone. I forever regret not asking him it's name. Ipswich are then on tv against West Ham and the suckers lose 2-0 which I find satisfying. And then following that is Almost Famous but I fall immediately asleep although I do really dig that film.


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