Wednesday, May 19, 2004

May 17th (monday): 5.50 my alarm goes. 6.35 I leave my flat. 7.02 I am standing on a cramped train with the other loser commuters. I got this wrong, didn't I work out how to avoid the busy train? And now even more scarier, I am beginning to recognise faces. In London at 8.00 and hit the Central Line to Shepherd's Bush. At that office there is a "big" lady on the reception/entrance who I really fancy. The course for the week gets under way and I am gung ho and actually understanding some elements of inheritance tax. I recognise people in the course and see a gorgeous oriental girl/lady has sat to my right. Obviously there is an annoying "couple" who know eachother and as per usual they are sat behind me sniggering. Looking around, there are lookalikes, the most striking of which is a spot on Robert Downey Jr who I cannot work out whether is Spanish or Australian from his accent. Looking around also there is crap versions of Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Moyles and Jack Black. Forget that though, the pretty oriental is exchanging smiles me with me. The day flies by and soon I am wheeling home on the train, later than usual. The ride home is enjoyable as some commuter bitch in kneewhoreboats forgets where/who she is whilst falling asleep on the train and she begins cuddling up to me. I don't know what to do other than enjoy the ride. When she wakes up and gets off (but not with me) at Chelmsford her face is visibly red. I could make parts of your body go red baby. I food shop instead of going straight home, resisting the urge to buy the new Morrissey CD, even if it does come with DVD. When I get in a posting card has been left for a package which I pick up and it turns out to be the MISL (Major Indoor Soccer League) trading cards from 1990 I got off Ebay. Why did I bid on/win these? I finally get in at 8pm with every intention of studying/preparing for tomorrows course. I don't, internet and TV are just too damn good/entertaining.


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