Wednesday, May 19, 2004

May 16 (sunday): revision day. Does it happen? Kind of. Early to bed therefore early to rise and I wake up way too early and kind of spend the rest of the day trying recoup those missed moments. Of course I do my sunday ritual of watching Frost On Sunday followed by the Heaven And Earth Show (hey some weeks Phillipa Forrester still looks fit enough to bash one out to/over). This week on Heaven And Earth though fucking John Robb of Gold Blade is on there talking about swearing. Nutty. Once thats done its time to make moves. I do my thing getting my rail ticket for Liverpool Street next week and get the News Of The World. Sundays are horrible, there is absolutely nothing to do so you have to create such routines to get through them. Midday onwards should have been all about studying but I don't know. At one BBC showed an old Disney film called the Boatniks. I hoped to see wet beatniks but was let down. Still watched it though, from the late sixties to early eighties Disney made the BEST live action films for kids for some reason, I can reel off lists of dozens of them for you: the Ugly Daschund, Blackbeard's Ghost, the Spaceman And King Arthur blah blah blah. So that all gets in the way of studies and then my fucking neighbours start up. Outside in the communal area the Family Guy Skinhead (ie reformed BNP/NF now working for BT) has set up shop and is having a BBQ with his other nuclear family friends. And I have not been invited. So what, I have FRIENDS and T4 are showing the countdown of the best episodes as voting by the US public (obviously the Prom Night camcorder video episode wins). After that I waste more time on NHL on Playstation instead of actually doing anything. Outside skinhead's kids are playing with others and making a right noise. Smelling their meat (on the BBQ) and gettinf hungry (and resentful) I become Mr Cranky and suddenly decide I hate kids, which is a total u-turn on my eternal desire to be Mr Family Man and live happily ever after (in misery). Back to school though, I do get some studying done but its bleak, I'm really struggling on tax. I don't do it at work to this degree therefore I do not get any practice. I am like a trainee surgeon who is in his eigth year of cleaning up the blood. Soon sunday is over and I don't know where it went. I prepare for an early morning with an early night


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