Monday, May 17, 2004

May 8 (saturday): I was going to go to the New Den today and get FA Cup Final tickets. Whoops, they sold out thursday, Season Ticket holders got. Season Tickets only cost £395, that should be considered for next year.

Stevo talks me into going to see AFC Wimbledon and I feel obliged as it is the last game of the season and I am yet to go to a league match this year (whoops). Today is their final game of the season against AFC Wallingford. Technically it is an away game but its played at Kingsmeadow for a larger crowd and for the Dons to get their trophy in front of their own crowd.

I drag and the trains are murder. By the time I hook up with them I have a headache and am not really up for drinking. As usual the PISA gang all call me "Millwall" and all ask "have you got your ticket yet?". Rub it in. The ground is rammed, this is more than non-league. AFC Wimbledon win 2-1 and the crowd go mental, it's a laugh.

After the game and the trophy ceremony (and lap of honour) we pop into the Robert Peel. Three dancing ladies except one of them can't dance. Still, one REALLY can dance, wrapping her legs royally around the pole and showing more strength than any man. My pound is hers. And there is the bird in the boots and nurse's outfit too. Fantastic!

Dr Stevo gets us non-Atkins pizzas and we head to the Bricklayers Arms where PISA out in strength get lairy and Stella'd up. We stand outside the pub with two flags covering the outside of the pub. It is the first great weekend of the summer. Its all too much for me though, me head canes and especially when El Tanno prank calls me, me thinking it is this kinky American lady called Regina I met in December. He has no idea of the psychosis he almost triggered and how aroused it made me. Shock horror today though, someone else throws up instead of me. YES!

Me and Stevo leave the pub to return to Kingsmeadow to celebrate with the players and I have a number of PISA shouting at me for a Millwall song. I just smile but Stevo starts singing "Let 'Em Come" at them. Scary. I pull a sly one here and get back on at Norbiton and head home. I love riding the train home saturday nights, the sunday papers early and likewise people travelling tired after an exciting day (opposite me are two old people and I just think they are the greatest). I also love getting in on a saturday night (late) with a sense of wellbeing blah blah blah.


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