Monday, May 17, 2004

May 9 (sunday): I go home I think. I should be revising but instead I am watching my parents Sky and eating their food whilst grunting at them like Kevin The Teenager (still!).

May 10 (monday): up Holborn for my final Advanced Tax class before the revision course. Once more I draw a blank and don't get it, instead I sit thinking about the NBA and NHL and playing them on Playstation or Playstation 2. I am not going to pass at this rate. Still, it is a LOT better than work. When I get back to Colchester I have to pick up the firm's bubble car for tomorrow morning, I finally get in around 8pm and I am fucked. I spend the remainder of the evening playing NHL 2001 on Playstation 2 and while I am doing this Azmei texts me to ask me if I need a lift in the morning and to tell me that she is going to hand in her notice tomorrow, she is "bored" at work. This upsets me to say the least.

May 11 (tuesday): back in Mildenhall. Got there earlier today and got busy. I do a really good job, meeting my goals and leaving on time. Things feel good work wise. Unfortunately I text Azmei in the afternoon and she confirms that she has handed her notice in, I am upset/pissed off to hear this. Today I don't drive the bubble car 100mph or do 60mph in second gear, instead I play my tape at fullest volume. Big bass. Woofer woofer.


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