Saturday, May 01, 2004

April 30 (friday): Friday started out really well but proceeded to go totally downhill from there, I really would have been better off not leaving the house, it is safe in there. Small things please small minds and when I unearthed an old classic in Bee Bee's Song by Sonic Youth from the Suburbia soundtrack I felt a bit lighter, a bit cooler and a lot more carefree. And then add to this just how ridiculously excited/happy I was when Paul Reubens/Pee Wee Herman appeared in Everyone Loves Raymond as a comic store shop owner, I was in a pretty fine mood. The comic thing is worringly exciting me at the moment since I found the cbr format and the CDisplay program that shows the comics. Anyways, I trudge to work and Azmei is her usual grump self in the car and then the walk to work is then silence as Lindsey turns three into a crowd. The Lindsey remains and neither of us are talking and I we seem happy with this but every fucker else has to interfere and make comments and turn a nothing situation into something big. This unfortunately manifests into a huge something when I get bitched at for being the reason Lindsey isn't coming to lunch, to which I don't really want to go myself and mountains of blame is dumped on my shoulders while little miss butter wouldn't melt in her mouth Lindsey cries wolf (I guess). So after receiving a ton of grief for all this why are they surprised when I'm not exactly chirpy come said lunch. Ultimately I feel betrayed and acting over sensitively I get minorly stroppy and my day gets ruined. And this is something I know I should turn the other cheek to but I just don't seem able to do so, instead I act like some stroppy brat kid. Go figure. Nevermind, a day is only 24 hours long.


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