Sunday, July 25, 2004

July 5 (Monday): "Monday morning, got to settle down" as the Butthole Surfers once sang. I awaken to another text from Phoebe Luk Toronto and immediately upon adding her to my MSN list she hits me with speak. She turns out to be just 16 and soon it occurs to be that I am seeking approval from a 16 year old, very unwise. I envisage her to be a Ghost World type but when quizzed she tells me she has never seen the movie ("watch it, I wish I could have seen it at your age"). Am I turning into Seymour from Ghost World? This girl sounds too old to be just 16 and then she starts going on about sleeping with a 22 year old. Don't go there Graham.

It's a bad Monday morning. I am not in the office 30 minutes and I am receiving some flack. I treat it (wrongly) like water off a duck's back, displaying the wrong attitude in the process I believe. Today there is no Stevo in the office and it is a bit quiet without him; dude, can't live with him, can't live without him. I have a downbeat conversation with Lulu about our futures. With regards to work at Globochem she is echoing my sentiments twelve months ago and now, really mainly about the poor standard of work and a lack of opportunity to be working on better stuff. However she is five years younger than me when I began saying this, making me feel rather over that there hill.

I lunch with Louise and we wind up having a Pizza Hut buffet. This is bad for us but we don't care, perhaps we are comfort eating. That and fucking hungry, as per usual there has been nothing really to eat in my flat all weekend. I impress Lulu and make her laugh by doing my Bo Selecta bear at bedtime impression, shouting "vermin" a bit too loudly as this prompts a waitress to ask if everything is all right, how embarrassing, my tail almost pops out.

In the afternoon, at work, Iran saves my ass. I can't remember how now but I did jot it down in my notes so it must have been important at the time.

At five it begins to rain just in time for home time. Lulu and I walk up Butt Road together and it's a gas gas gas, I really like Lulu she is cool beans.

I have no dinner, no need. I have also officially run out of money for the month!

I spend my evening playing Playstation, really living life on the edge. Coupling is then on BBC2 and when did the ginger bird on that programme become so fit? I dunno and shouldn't really care. Bad tv turns into bad tv as Big Brother comes on and my day ends with me falling asleep watching In The Heat Of The Night and Phoebe sending in another late night text of "sweetdreams". Life is sweet.

np: Butthole Surfers - Dust Devil


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