Sunday, July 25, 2004

June 28 (Monday): The test dream. Back at work, back in a mood. Events Friday night were the result of certain actions at work, so there is no getting away from things just yet. Things begin fairly well though as while I walk to work I receive a text from Mark asking if I want to do lunch today ("excellent!"). In the office I paint my picture of events to my workmates, to the extent they are able to finally make me see the funny side of things and they are actually telling me what I did was right.

Mid morning I receive a phonecall from Hays Personnel. It is their London branch and some bird there may have some job opportunities there for me. She asks me if I can come in for an interview, come in being to London. I provisionally agree but have to arrange the day off with Jimmy. He is easy and says "certainly you can take a holiday Friday". It turns out that the Hays office is in Covent Garden (cool!) and an interview is set for 11.00.

I meet up with Mark for lunch, Stevo seems a bit hurt that he is not invited. Mark is off back to Sheffield tomorrow for a month or so and that sucks. We lunch in the beer garden of the Hogshead under the threat of dark clouds and rain. I tell him about my impending opportunities with London and my worries about the future. I express my concerns about becoming the future within Globochem like certain other staff and he tells me that I am a "bit more cerebral than him". Like it. Lunch is fantastic but over all too soon. Its one of the few genuine conversations I will be having all week. Drat.

The remainder of the day passes quietly without any real incident. Syra doesn't get in touch (to some relief) and when I get home in the evening it is quiet and dead because for the first night in weeks there is no football on the telly. I check my email to find that Accountancy Additions have been attempting to contact me also with regards to getting a job.

With no football, my evening is open but I just don't know what to do. Luckily this morning I received my Ciao Manhattan DVD from America so I watch that on a scorching summer evening taking me straight back to my holiday in Sacramento last year. Afterwards Dad hits me on MSN for a bit. Then there is Big Brother and what?

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