Sunday, July 25, 2004

June 29 (Tuesday): Long term parking. This morning I am not in work ten minutes and one of the partner’s is having a pop at me. Today’s master is Mr Melchard who is asking pedantic/redundant questions about a little hair studio job. None of queries result in actual adjustments and come with complete air of uselessness. The straw that might snap the camels back is when he queries where I have posted some deposit account transactions and when I go straight to the posting I notice he has already made a mark on the schedule, so he had actually discovered them on his own anyway. This is coupled with his query of me posting payments out of a tax bank account to personal tax payments. This is an assumption on my part but what on earth are they actually like to be? This is very frustrating, I feel talked down to and messed about. The rest of the morning gets spent in a strop.

As a result, when I follow up Accountancy Additions call, I have little conscience. Bad thing however, of all the times Drew the gob could come over to our office……so now the worst kept secret will be out within a few days I can see. I mention to the guy Craig that I am in the city Friday so we arrange an impromptu interview for the after at 2.30.

I lunch with Lulu, we’re in similar sorts of boats, both questioning our futures and careers. However I am six years older than her and wish I was as good/knowledgeable as her at her age. We wander over to the ghetto side of Colchester and outside some tacky clothes shop is a girl a very close double to Mutya Sugababes sans make up, sans looks. Still, I’m smit. She is being talked to (screamed at) by some crazy chit chat who is obviously her boss. Ace, life on the wrong side of the tracks. Like a redneck I buy the Stone Cold Steve Austin autobiography in hardback for four quid and I’m happy as a pig in shit.

I get home and unfortunately it is a second night of no football and me at a lose. Didn’t I have a life just a few days ago? I read my Stone Cold book, MSN with Dad for a bit and again watch Big Brother. Without doubt, it is an early night.

np: Har Mar Superstar - E Z Pass


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