Sunday, July 25, 2004

July 4 (American Independence Sunday): I could lie in today were it mentally or physically possible. Today begins fantastically, out of the blue a random person emails me to tell me "love your blog." Not so randomly though, its another Phoebe Luk, this one from Toronto. It is frightening to think who is out there watching. Still, this email is a much welcomed vote of confidence for my blogging misery.

Today is pretty yet another Sunday. Sundays kill, I could be tempted to church just to have something to do on the Sabbath. I do the newspaper run to Asda and actually manage to pump up my tyre without much drama but otherwise that's pretty much it. I'm sure I MSN Sara but I am just too bored by the day to remember any of it.

I am a shame based man and when I sleep from pretty much 1pm to 5pm, to me that is pretty lazy and pathetic.

Dad MSNs before the football and we get into an argument, again pretty much based on Millwall v Man Utd.

The Euro 2004 final is pretty pony. I really dislike both teams, I feel they are beneath the spectacle and are not a measure on our English national team. As I've said before, Greece winning the tournament is the worst thing to happen to European football in my lifetime. When their inevitable goal goes in it is a really good goal but headed against the Portugal goalie, they're lucky that it wasn't disallowed. The actual highlight of the final was the "intruder." It always baffles me when the commentators go off on a rant about how much of an idiot these guys are. NO THEY FUCKING AREN'T! They're brilliant! Hey, as long as they don't get on the pitch and stab someone, what is better than to see some guy throw a Barcelona flag and Figo before leading a chase of a dozen police and security before throwing himself like a proper hero into the back of the net like he is a human soccer ball. Fantastic! After about five minutes of injury time prompted by that, Greece win the match and football once more moves a step towards being completed ruined. That said, it was so enjoyable to see Ronaldo crying like a little bitch, makes up for his taking the piss in the FA Cup final.

I don't even bother to watch the Greeks collect the trophy, I flip channels to watch the latest Big Brother movements of Becki. Tonight though the highlight is Ahmed going bonkers yet again, more Ahmania. There is something wrong with Becki, she is almost professional and way too friendly to everybody. She reminds me of a younger version of B's aunt Nina so much, it is disturbing. I seriously suspect she may be a plant.

At 22.47 my phone beeps and it is Phoebe asking me how my weekend has been, the best possible way to end the day. That and to fall asleep watching Predator 2, a timely scary reminder of Sarah (it being one of her favourite films, pondlife).

np: The Blitters - Eating Your Brains


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