Sunday, July 25, 2004

June 27 (Sunday):  Cold cuts.  Today is about a slow moving Graham, I suspect I may still be stoned.  Eventually I manage to haul myself out of my flat and head to the olds for the weekly weekend ritual.  Things look good when I sneak into town and actually find a prime parking place, luck is on my side.  I buy Front magazine because it comes with a free DVD.  When I get to my parents I watch the DVD and it’s the sickest/funniest thing, some tubby black midget with terrible teeth called Beetle/Beetlejuice pulling pranks and humiliating himself, it’s beyond belief, right up there with Bumfights.  And I do laugh my arse off.

Today is laboured, I am a 27 year old man in a teenage mood hanging out with his parents, how bad do I suck?  Still, there’s a barbecue.  I eat too much and the dog is visible flagging in the heat, he is getting home.

The big deal is the new girl in Big Brother called Becki.  It is so wrong but this is interesting.  Becki looks like a cross between that Dani girl from the other night, B’s aunt Nina and Rita Tushington from the sixties (as your parents).  I am quite smit.

I begin to make moves to go home but I get talked into staying and watching the football (the last quarter final) with dad.  Denmark v Czech Republic is a bit of snorer in the first half, its weird everyone now fancies the Czechs big time but tonight they don’t really look all that.  And I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Denmark ever since Jan Molby became my first football hero.  Come the second half though its all change when before Denmark know it, they are losing 3-0!  The lanky Koller headed in a predictable go ahead goal for the Czechs but then Baros popped in with two close goals that took my breath away, easily two of the most skilful and impressive moments of the whole tournament, finally I see what people see in the Czech Republic.  Once it was three the game was so over it hurt Denmark and the last twenty minutes were played out in an excruciating manner.

After the game I drive home wrongly shattered.  It’s a Sunday evening, I have no more to say.

np: Velvet Underground – Lady Godiva’s Operation


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