Monday, June 07, 2004

June 7 (Monday): another slack day except tomorrow is the audit exam. I make the mistake of waking up way too early this morning and combine that to the fact that it is the warmest/hottest day of the year so far, it can only equate to nausea.

The morning is a real dead zone with regards to study. I bug Sara on MSN for a bit and I find I am annoying myself, let alone how much I must be annoying her. I can’t be arsed to study so instead I lie butt naked listening to the audio CD of the course. Once that’s done I don’t really feel any better so I begin to worry. And what is the recurring theme of revision recently: watching Woody Allen films. Today’s selection is Everyone Says I Love. Begs the question: what ever happened to Gabby Hoffmann?

Lunch arrives and I leave the house. I make the hard choice between Asda and Tesco (the latter) and stagger out in the zombie mode which appears to have taken me over today. I must look a right state: crap beard, greasy hair, steamed up glasses, red faced, wearing crap polo shirt over old Millwall shirt cos I'm embarrassed by it. Still, I’m hot as I have a great smile.

In the afternoon, in the stifling heat, I do manage to make some progress. Again I am skim studying, which is a half arsed method of revision involving looking at questions and going “yeah I could answer that� as opposed to actually attempting the questions. All peace is shattered around 4pm when Marceline Diskant and Greg Kitten hit me on MSN, which is the most welcome of distractions: human contact, great on a day like today where I am unlikely to actually speak to another living being.

I haven’t heard from the Grammar Boys over the course of the weekend which now makes me suspicious and paranoid, especially after one emailed me at the weekend to tell me how the other is “at it again�.

Stop the presses: Tom has emailed, and like Chris, reckons B is lonely. The world is a stinking place sometimes, like a fool I text her to some response, half hoping she doesn’t reply at all. However Dad also gets in touch and he went to the hospital today and the lump in his neck is nothing to worry about, which ultimately is the main thing that counts at the end of the day.

Going through my textbooks I come across a post-it note stating: “my life feels like I am trying to memorise a Douglas Coupland book off by heart and I’ve been trying to do so and catch up for nearly ten years�.

This evening is smouldering; I really wish I had a bird to be with on this kind of night. I give up on revising shortly after 9pm with the plan standing at: Audit 50%, Tax 21% and overall 36%.

np: The Jesus Lizard – Show (LP)


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