Saturday, June 05, 2004

June 5 (Saturday): wake up, it’s a beautiful morning. I study some and then head home (in Clacton). There, I pretty much do fuck all. I’m an obvious grump and don’t really want to talk to the olds about anything. As per usual I just watch their Sky and eat their food. England are on (main reason for visiting) and they look good, beating Iceland 6-1. Afterwards we have a barbecue and I feel bloated (in a bad way). At some point mum tells me dad has found a new lump in his neck and that they’re off to the doctors Monday. They’re also off to Cyprus Tuesday. I’d rather bury my head in the sand. Instead I watch American Splendor yet again, its a lot more safer than real life and I find it easier to associate with a cranky old grump.

I make it home early for an eventless Saturday (short weekend but big longing). Can’t be arsed to study so instead I watch some show about how the USA is an empire and it’s a good thing. I guess the former is true so why dispute the latter (I’m looking at you Michael Moore). Yuks occur afterwards when they have the Big Brother task live on tv and Marco throws up live on air. Jackass! And a major bonus for the evening, I find my passport! Look out world. Beyond that though, I fall asleep and lie back and think of England. These are times.

np Death In Vegas – Girls


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