Tuesday, June 01, 2004

June 1 (tuesday): Good day. It begins with Azmei picking me up and soon we're having an argument and not talking as we (and Leslie) walk to work in silence. Before leaving the house I was watching The Sopranos to see how professionals argue with their women (ho ho). We're fine though really, its just a sad time, today is one of only five days remaining of me and Azmei being in the office together, these are bad times. Work is actually pretty fun. Jimmy is off on holiday in America and whenever he's not around nor are his fellow partners, so when the cats away.... Stevo is in and on good form, we hurl abuse at eachother all day which is fucking funny, we shout the worst things imaginable at eachother and its just funny when it really ought not be. Today I brave and decide to text Phoebe after yesterdays email failure. I gather enough confidence by mid morning (after telling anyone who will listen about her) and send it around 11.20. I get no response, my heart sinks and my world plunges. At lunchtime I wander into town with Azmei and as we reach the corner of Head Street and Crouch Street my phone beeps and just as I am reading who the message is Mark's mum suddenly appears and starts hitting me with an umbrella to get my attention. Yes the text is from Phoebe and spirits rise sky high. The rest of the day is fantastic and funny and work is the most enjoyable it has been in a long time, even to the point I actually work a little late!!!! When I get home I attempt to revise/study but it doesn't go, doesn't work. I go over the text books a bit and things begin to look encouraging but as soon as I pick up a tax past paper I practically fall asleep. In the meantime I am listening to Sonic Youth MP3s and feeling that it is their time again. My study percentages for today are: Advanced Audit 22% Advanced Tax 12% and Overall 17% but most importantly 3 texts from Phoebe. Yes! At the very same time England play Japan at football and draw one-one, fucking pathetic. Time to sleep and awaken from this bad dream.

np Superchunk - Late-Century Dream


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