Monday, May 31, 2004

May 31 (bank holiday monday): Blur wrote a song about these days. I awaken thinking I have been asleep forever. I think it is probably 11am when really it is just 8am. Bonus! Today's intention is for it to again be nothing but study and revising and things early on look good. However Sara gets me on MSN Messenger at her first available point and she bangs on at me about her latest dilemna. We message until her lunch (9am) and then finally I get on with revision. It goes ok but still I am fucking totally fucking with tax. I break at 11am to watch the repeat (yet again) of the episode of Friends with Bruce Willis in it. I also receive emails from Chris, seems they've had a barney up in Nottingham. And add to this Dad hits me on Messenger also, today is kinda interrupted. And then Beyonce goes and has a concert on T4. I make attempts at resuming revision but I get hold of Sara again on MSN for some tips on what to put in an email to Phoebe that I've decided to send as I'm bored. Sara's suggestions are shit and my words don't really come however I piece together some tat and send it. And it gets bounced back. Crap, it looks like she's given me a bum email address (which, to save face/humiliation is a secret between you and I reader). Wha' happened? Anyways, eventually I slope into some kind of additional study but then I just give up for the day, bummed about the bouncing email. I put on Everything Sucks by the Descendents, I have forgotten how AWESOME this record is. I plunder through early evening, making a minging stir fry. Today is the official restart of Atkins and food is once more going through me like shit through a Graham. I get bored and text Sarah asking if she likes the Walkers Crisps adverts because she fancies (used to) Gary Lineker. She gets back to me suggesting a drink thursday night. Good call! I slap on Fugazi on Media Player and run a bath (which I eventually get in an hour later). I'm loving Big Brother 5 so far. Where on earth did they find another Jason with the exact same physique as me. Beefcake!

np: Sonic Youth - (She's In A) Bad Mood


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