Sunday, October 10, 2004

September 6 (Monday): As per usual the day starts with some drizzle of MSN with Sara. I wake up with one hell of a headache and a real desire for a McFlurry. I procrastinate about MSNing Phoebe when she comes online but realise that it has to be done, we have not communicated since Thursday which is so bleak. A real bonus though, she actually emails me before I leave so I just jump in and MSN her. This is the first time I have had the latest version of MSN Messenger so I can see she has an Edward Hopper picture on her desktop still. Awesome. She comments on my photo, the one of me studying last November looking like a child, and says she likes the pic. Our exchange is a little laboured but at least it is touching base. I don't think this is going anywhere but its not for want or desire, it just isn't happening.

What it is/does though is makes me late for walking into work. A walk parallel to a beautiful woman I have never seen walking Butt Road before but what can I do about it? When I arrive at Chernobyl, the door is locked but someone has been home. Seconds after I arrive (about five minutes late) Jack comes over and asks where everyone is, almost definitely clocking our combined lateness. I am aloof in responding to him, I am trying to catch a glimpse of the latest Butt Road babe. He mentions that Mah is working over the road, ok its now been noted by him and I suspect this will/can only rub off badly on us three. Oh well, nevermind.

In the evening BBC2 repeats The Office special from Christmas. It still is fantastic, Ricky Gervais is one of the great men of our times. Sort of. Beyond that is the usual showing of series five of The Sopranos, which I have already seen through too many times.

np: Oasis - Columbia


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