Sunday, October 10, 2004

September 1 (Wednesday): Road Warrior. With the best of intentions, here goes with the latest set of new month resolutions. The morning begins lightly, I awaken shattered as per usual but optimistic. The hell period of summer that generally tends to turn me stir crazy has passed on it seems and now good times lie ahead. The first of September, the first day of the rest of my new year.

Routine remains in place as I MSN with Sara and we both reminisce about Christmas after I expound the virtues of entry in autumn. She tells me that she would like to come back to England for Christmas because it is just not the same in Dubai and we share memories and idealisms of why we both appear to love Christmas, it is a shared experience. And a shared experience that makes me late leaving for work and subsequently late arriving for work, my bad.

Just before I leave home I get an email and its from Phoebe, I don’t stop to read, I leave it to read it at work. I read it on my mobile and its all good. Stevo actually beats to work this morning (whoops) but I’m chilled on entry to Chernobyl anyways, today’s tedious link on Chris Moyles is Learn To Fly by Foo Fighters.

I only appear to work half the morning, the rest is spent trying to piece together my life from the past three years (the first half of 2002 is a complete and utter blank). Stevo is a one armed rabbit, rabbiting on all morning and occasionally coughing a cough that sounds like a billy goat. The guy is pure comedy.

Work wise I continue on South Park Brickwork and it whiles away the hours, getting the day out of the way.

Luckily, this week we have not been able to pull together enough people to play five-a-side so this week it has been called off due to Stevo’s shoulder problem and Ivan’s knee taking a knock so in the evening, it is a Wednesday snorer where I am able to do nothing and lap it up.

Thankfully again there is no football this week, so I settle into a snorer evening which ultimately does see me at a loss. Yes, I am bored. On TV is Raiders Of The Lost Ark which I half watch while I half sleep and half live my life.

np: Papo Vazquez – Baila Piena (Off World remix)


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