Wednesday, September 29, 2004

August 30 (bank holiday Monday): The Last Laugh. What a nightmare, I wake up around 4 AM and find myself unable to get back to sleep, what a surprise. Attempts to get back to slumber I find are thwarted by over thinking, churning up my mind and resulting in worry. I sought external stimulation with which to distract my mind and send me to sleep. In the end I plum for Lost In Translation, probably the slowest movie known to man.

Around 5 AM Phoebe Canada hits me on MSN with “knock knock� and I give up on sleep. I tell Phoebe I am suffering from insomnia and she says she is likewise and we should have a “mutual bitchfest� with eachother. Seems I do a good job and manage to send her to sleep. So now here I am left in the early hours wide awake so I hit Sara on MSN, which is much appreciated on her part…..not. Outside the sun is rising and it is still silent. Very rarely am I ever awake at this hour, the rare exception being Christmas morning, so perversely there winds up being an air of Christmas morning to the day.

I spend most of the day on MSN with Sara. Always a pleasure, never a chore. And the rest of the day is intended to be spent putting my flat (read as life) straight. This does not however happen. Instead however I discover My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé. What a great show!

Today is also an exercise in getting my finances straight and I spend a lot of the morning (and some of the afternoon) trawling through invoices, receipts and credit card statements. It is really important that I get my finances straight now in the light of having to spend so much on revision courses. And I have fucked up and mis-recorded my Mint credit card balance at some point. Ouch, suddenly there is an additional £500 out of thin air to add to the £500 plus in revision fees to add to an already bulging credit card debt. Job done and ouch, my credit card debt has now flown over £7,000. More eye-opening though is that I total up my twelve credit cards and I find I have instant access to £30,000 less change. It is good that I am so responsible then (ha fucking ha).

And it being a bank holiday, it is movie heaven on TV with Disney’s Treasure Island, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Breakfast At Tiffany’s all on during the daytime. How is anyone supposed to get up off their fat arses when TV is just so good? Likewise in the evening, who can be arsed to actually go out or anything when What’s Inside Frank Sinatra’s Coffin is on TV followed by The Sopranos.

Problem with square eyes coming my way.

np: Pavement – Carrot Rope


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