Thursday, September 02, 2004

August 3 (Tuesday): Apocalypse Jason. Once more, as per recent times, I awaken comfortably at 6.40 AM after pleasant dreams, please don’t ask me about the dream though, I can’t remember a thing. I snooze for a while and soon realise I forgotten to set my alarm and I manage to wake/stumble up at 7.15. My morning routine takes place of Friends and MSN however my PC is filled to the brim with shit and it is not functioning correctly so I have to reboot it and whilst I am doing so I get a beep and it is a text from Sara asking me from Dubai why I am not online this morning. Ultimately I shouldn’t have bothered, our MSN exchange is a nasty affair ending with her asking me “what the fuck is up with you lately?� and telling me “you been weird, just strange, more moody, more nasty�. She continues “you are the one that is NEVER nice to me� and I respond “you have enough people being nice to you�. I escape off to work.

Moyles is back this week and the morning begins with the Foo Fighters and Estelle and generally you can tell how a day is going to swing by what are the first few songs you hear in the day. I look over and see Louise walking into work, she is obviously dragging (late) also. We walk into work together and give grief to each other some more (as per usual). I begin to wonder, maybe Sara is right, maybe I am never nice to anyone.

I have a good day at work, for the first day in five not one partner has a pop at me, although Jack is a bit offish. I pick up a job from Melchard and it is a breeze. And Stevo is not in so I don’t get jokily but not jokily nagged. I go round town at lunch with Lulu and manage to avoid spending money. The afternoon runs at a good pace, Chernobyl is a hot house without a fire extinguisher (literally) but I am finally getting used to it. I see Leslie this afternoon and she looks bonier than ever, my god she looks so wrong. If I were still talking to her I’d tell her. It appears some girls go to the toilet to powder their noses but she goes to spew her guts.

By late afternoon, right before home time, Stevo turns up chipper to the world. I stay a little late at the office and we chat before he gives me a lift home (I'm a ponce). I stay in the office late after five, until six and the things I see. First I see a mother allow her child (female) to pull down her pants, pull up her dress and piss in public on the firm's car park. And then there is almost a fight in the street when a bunch of probable illegal immigrants from the fucking Indian takeaway next to Chernobyl that regularly stinks our office out every afternoon get into a real bitch fight in public. Stevo comments “he’s probably had one of their curries�. Time to leave for home and get safe and sound methinks (methought).

Tonight my dinner consists of cheese and this gives me a horrible headache and stunts my evening. Whilst a goal kick away from my flat Colchester play Charlton in a pre-season friendly, I lay back butt naked listening to live Fugazi CDs. Kiss my arse. Tom hits me on MSN telling me of his trip to Italy and the perfect lady. Sara then texts me around midnight her time to ask me how my day was and to wish me good night. I fall asleep watching Hannah And Her Sisters on DVD.

np: Al Green - Let's Stay Together


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