Thursday, September 02, 2004

August 1 (Sunday): Space, Geeks and Johnny Unitas. A new month with a new set of resolutions (just like New Year’s resolutions but twelve times more frequent). I wake up with the subtle headache that I went to bed with last night, not a good start.

I also rise out of a really disturbing dream set in the questioning room at a police station. In the dream I appear equally involved in the admin as I am the questioning (I am being questioned). The incident in question is work related and I don’t know why, there is something going on behind the scenes I don’t know about, I am not being told about.

Today is the laziest of days, the kind that really exercises my Catholic guilt. By the end of the day I achieve nothing and nothing.

One thing I do do is order the Pete And Pete DVDs off the internet. They appear to be as moody as hell from a place called Anti Promotions. Anyways, I pay about $50 through PayPal for them and hold my breath and begin my wait.

In early afternoon a terrible Hulk Hogan movie (McCinsey’s Island). The man must be fucking stupid to be involved in a film like that! In later afternoon TV redeems itself by showing Casino Royale. I have this movie on DVD somewhere but there’s nothing better to do today than watch it so……. I always have time for a movie with Woody Allen in.

A better show is on at 7pm on BBC2, Underworld Rich List. Reading like a business show, this episode of the programme focuses on a top ten of drug dealers/pushers/barons. It kind of defeats the purpose of the show when most of the list cannot be identified “due to legal reason� but it is still fascinating, especially the stuff about money laundering which has become a real bugbear to my life at work, accountants now need to be very vigilant these days and extra precautious with regards to cash transactions and potential money laundering mainly due to the new threats of terrorism we face in this day and age.

My Sunday ends with Down To You on Channel Four. This movie is an unashamed pleasure I have; it is cheesy and sick as hell but lovely with it. And of course it stars Julia Stiles. I remember watching this movie with B during the first few weeks that I knew her and started hanging out. Those few weeks proved to be probably the greatest and happiest period of my life. Whoops. And now the Julia Stiles issue reappears in the form of Phoebe who I think is a spitting image of Julia Stiles, albeit she is oriental but boy does she ever have her mouth and facial features. All in all my heart pumps faster and pump thicker. And this all makes the fact that I fall asleep during the movie that much more humorous.

np: The Streets – Fit But You Know It


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