Wednesday, September 01, 2004

July 28 (Wednesday): Bonus, don't have to walk into work today; I borrowed a bubble car from work last night. When I turn up in it this morning Lulu looks at me and goes “what you doing in that?�. Perks.

Today is a real car crash write off of a working day. Early on I complete the incorporated subbie (subcontractor) accounts of a computer magazine writer/reviewer, half of which I make up anyway because the client does not keep records. I approach Melchard for more work and he gives me a trial balance Acme Steel to put on Viztopia, which is semi busy work. However this is a job that we are going out to audit tomorrow, so really there should already be a set of accounts in place for the audit planning stage which should occur well in advance of the actual audit itself. As soon as I begin to put the figures into Viztopia it turns out that the job is now an eighteen month period and that the two trial balances I have been given have not actually been consolidated, so what should be a simple job now becomes an afternoon plus of work, especially when it also turns out that fixed assets need a lot of work done also in order to get them sorted out. Such disorganisation is typical. And then I go and get grief from the man, who also in the same appearance describes the client he has just seen as a "stinky Paki". This appears to be a boss under pressure and pushing it sideways onto his subordinates. Dude, I know you’ve done this job for years but in order to get the best out of your work force read a fucking manual and do not lead as a negative motivator.

After work we have football and this week, once more, our team is down to a skeleton crew with Iran out with a broken thumb and Jack out….who knows where but I bet it is somewhere important. Tonight we line up me, Stevo and Andrew who brings along a couple of his Sunday league team-mates, Glen X and Paul X (who despite such surnames are neither related nor black). A second night of facing of Birketts in sporting competition and tonight is less fruitful. The ringers Andrew has brought along are young and not as rough as the Birkett regulars and they basically go to town on us, especially Jev who goes in rough. Add to this also that one of the players Andrew brings along is actually a goalie and surprisingly light for such a big lad (in other words he gets knocked off the ball physically easily). Despite such issues we find ourselves leading at half time 8-6, which could/should have been more had I not let in a couple of stupid goals prior to halftime. The going is rough and the smaller ringer is finding it hard and actually looks like he is struggling from a knock on his ankle, limping a lot. Also his leg is cut/scabbed to death so he is obviously getting it from somewhere, all fingers pointing towards Jev. The second half sees a total fall apart. It could be said that their extra man went some way to causing this but when the game ends 17-11 to Birketts (a second half deficit of 11-3) there are no excuses. I leaving feeling that Birketts may have gone a bit too far in the thrashing and after Andrew and his mates leave, the Birketts comment on our team’s whinging about being roughed up. Personally I think the fact the lad’s leg was bleeding indicates something was happening. Our opponents can be wankers sometimes. Tomorrow when the score and performance gets written up the headline will read “the Cat is shit in his box again�. I dunno, after my performance tonight I can just imagine the young lads that were our team-mates tonight just moaning like fuck about our performance.

This evening I speak to my parents. I am still having trouble with my toilet and it is leaking profusely, especially tonight when I got in from work the bathroom floor was pretty flooded, I didn’t really want to leave it. My parents want to come over to Bohemian Grove and sort it out. Sadly however I can only envisage a similar scenario to the episode of the Young Ones when Neil's parents go to visit his student house. Not good.

In the evening at 23.14 I am asleep but I hear MSN beep, it is Syra. It beeps once “u ok� and then thirty seconds later “bog off then�. I have to admit I did not read this until the next morning but grief, if I had a bunny I’d be currently concerned about it being a threat to a boiling.

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