Tuesday, August 31, 2004

July 26 (Monday): Week starts tired. I awaken from a dream where I am walking to a house on Holland Road in Little Clacton, my street growing up, and I am guiding a girl to a certain house on the road. Read into that, what you want.

I trapse into work semi-zombie, still shattered from the weekend, yet again I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. This is week two of/for Emma, she’s still here at Planet Podunk. My week begins poorly with an email from Ebay regarding the sale of porky pies. I suspect it may be a bad week.

I start out the day a bit sheepishly but Ivan is cool with me fortunately and I actually have a decent meeting/conversation with Andy about things.

After work, I do my thing of heading out to Asda just to shop, its an addiction I appear to perform daily these days. When I get back from Asda I return to find Sarah has tried to get in touch on MSN. Strike 1: “u spking yet�. Strike 2: “obviously you havent got over yourself�. Strike 3: “c ya�. The grammar of this girl. And the cheek!

Beyond that I have a bit of a nothing evening, no worries.

np: Husker Du – New Day Rising


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