Wednesday, September 15, 2004

August 10 (Tuesday): Don’t Tread On Jason. First thing today again as usual, MSN with Sara. She starts out slightly ratty, accusing me of still ignoring her. Then again she is harping on about her ex-fiancée hitting her with a tax bill for their villa in Spain. A conversation subject that would send the best of us to sleep. I can’t really be bothered with her though, my computer is clogged up to shit creek and could crash at any moment anyway.

Today turns out to be a real snorer; I really need to get more into my life than this. Still I bounce about the office/Chernobyl with annoying energy; I have that fucking old R Kelly song in my head. In the afternoon I text Phoebe telling her that “my manager� (aka Stevo) is a “Haam sup lo� which in Cantonese means a “salty wet man� which means pervert. She replies “Ha ha ha.. Who’s teaching you all this! Ha ha.. Thnks for making me laugh. today is ok. Hope ur is too. My manager ‘ng hia tho’ ha ha c if u know what i mean�.

The remainder of the day passes and in the evening I shoot home to my parents to catch the first showing of the first episode of the fifth season of the Sopranos on British TV (on E4). Sometimes I am so anal.

I get home and the dog (Snowy) has had his hair clipped and now he looks ridiculous, like Dr Evil’s cat Mr Biggleswade in the Austin Powers movies. Rubbish dog. On Sky is West Ham but they are boring and crap. Elsewhere in the football league (the Coca Cola Championship, ho ho) Millwall are playing at home and losing 2-0 to Wigan. Oh great, two games into the season and they are still yet to score.

Whilst at my parents I find a website that has a downloadable Cantonese dictionary. Back of the net.

I leave my olds house around 11.05 and have a wonderful midnight-esqe drive home in the dark from Clacton to Colchester which sometimes can be the most relaxing ride on earth. I listen to Peel and nothing ever changes there. When I get in, Vanishing Point is on TV, a film neither worthy of my time nor effort.

np: R Kelly – Ignition (remix)


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