Saturday, May 01, 2004

April 26 (monday): Monday was good. The trains were screwed up at Shenfield and I was almost late to Holborn. The guy teaching us audit is called Ben Wakefield and he is great. I think the best tutors would also make good standup comedians and he fits the bill. Being late I didn't get my choice of seating (an OCB for me) and also coming in late, I blush when this really great looking girl has to sit next to me. As its monday our enthusiam for the class is very low so as a break teacher forces us to speak/talk to the person next to us about our weekend for five minutes, I luck out. Unfortunately I am not at my best. I've done the thing of "I can go another day without really go far with hygiene" so I'm feeling pretty minging. Still the girl, who turns out to be called Katy, is really nice and receptive as I just sound like a stuttering fuck (for some reason at the moment I am akin to a bag of nerves), which is nice. The day actually flies by and the subject does not seem beyond my reach.

Today is also the day our (BS & Co's) 11-a-side football match against a client called Prashar. I turn up with no real intention of playing (a combo of drop in current form and subtly being dropped in favour for a guy called Marshall). I get on however in the second half unprepared with us losing 1-0. We end the game winning 4-1 with me keeping a clean sheet in the second. This may have been different however had I had to contend with any real shots. Afterwards we head to the Hospital Arms for an aftershow do. For some reason our previously very social company these days is very unsocial and for a change people are out, although not for long. I wind up being there until the end although not really involved except for the point in which our dentist client starts talking about cocaine (and my ears prick up). I'm really bad at socialising these days.