Monday, April 12, 2004

April 11 (sunday): Went to a gig last night and stayed sober, haven't done that for a while. Then again, what else is a person to do on Easter Sunday? Delayed by my Bitch In Dubai telling me how the A-Team is on tv over there (on twenty years too late and one real casualty) I finally get a freak on and arrive on the scene. Our entertainment for the evening is PART CHIMP, producers of the wickedly named Chart Pimp album. I get a guestlist from Staff so I am made up and Allen from the Blitters is DJing making it a pleasant environment within my budget. However the theatrics on stage weigh little compared to the drama within the audience. More on that later if I get bored enough (at one point I was texting Dubai with an emergency message "I am in pikey hell"). Last time I was at a venue PART CHIMP I think I was probably passed out (ATP) so some respect is due methinks. Tonight PART CHIMP are stunning, I almost enjoy them as much as Ligament. This is the stuff of legend, this is LOUD. Tim Cedar is always an amazing sight to behold and tonight it is business as usual. I know not these songs but I know I like them. In a valiant, if not successful, attempt at being the loudest thing on earth the band thundered through a ground pounding set taking in noise bands at their best such as the Melvins and particularly Sonic Youth towards the closing all yelled in that magical Slade-esqe manner. If I could download the album off Soulseek I'd tell you what the songs were. These days I am now getting old and now I also feel certain live sets are making go deaf and this was one of them. No ill effects in the chest or mentally just the niggling sensation that I won't be able to hear anything or anyone long into the upcoming (a mixed blessing now but a curse at sixty). Like clockwork they closed shop at 11pm and then it was let the real drama rule the floor. Town clowns and gaylords whupped it up like it was 1997/98 and tears were shed over pikey A fucking pikey C instead of pikey B. I dunno, I'm as weary of this shit as it is of me (if it acknowledged my existed that is). Tomorrow there is a real world out there waiting to be done but tonight I can't hear any of it.


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