Monday, April 12, 2004

April 10 (saturday): Check Mr Tech Head. My computer is currently without, my PC vulnerable to the elements. After saturday nights jam session of script writing Pull My Finger (c) I set about putting a brand new 120GB hard drive into my computer. Never before have I felt so technically empowered. In recent weeks I have attempted repairing basic ME problems for my McSlim friends at the prostitution rates of £50 but now, this is serious. Unable to free up any more space, even to the desperate point of removing of porno, I just need more gigs. I have no idea if the 120 monster will work in my computer. I ask the supermodel at the desk at PC World and she says "are you XP? That will work, I promise". The promise part scared me, I didn't get that down on paper. However, after spending two hours looking for a phillips head screwdriver (finding four flat heads in the process) I eventually unscrew and open my box with pliers. Inside I discover the TV card that doesn't work is still gathering dust and NO SPARE PORTS. Scratching my head for seventy minutes I eventually notice two port thingeys on the new harddrive so decide to bypass. It is here that I finally learn the real meaning of Master/Slave, especially when I attempt to top from the bottom and try running a Recovery Disk that suddenly tries to load Windows 98 onto my computer. Past that hurdle it takes an eternity to get my PC to accept the existence of the new harddrive. If you were a 40GB and a 120GB arrived on the scene, wouldn't you be jealous also? Still, F you, eventually I dare (shaking) to put in a Partition (whatever that is) and now the new harddrive is up and running as Hard Disk Drive F. Here goes my CD collection onto it, who needs iPods?


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