Saturday, April 10, 2004

Afterburn of Friday night, Good Friday night. Miraculously I was awake at 6.30 am after getting in at 3.00 am. I decide straight away that this is hell and I immediately go back to sleep. Later awake I watch Zoolander and this guy makes complete sense to me. The problem was School Disco at the Arts Centre, it pushed and pulled me back to my checkered childhood days and pissed down my neck. No one would dance with me and it wasn't because I wasn't in school uniform. I and Baldwin's initial stand of common sense was solidified by reinforcements in the shape of the long deserted Ben Wright, the Hurdle clan and their scary friend Twin Aphex. It failed to float my boat. As per usual males outnumbered females by too many times to one and as per usual I wasn't waving, I was drowning. How do you make up for faces you recognise but don't know how to budge? There was a high time: Faithless, Prodigy and Underworld all in a row, it had to hurt. As per usual the thirty minute trudge home was that of great philosophical musings and pissing up walls, all in all thoroughly depressing. And as per usual one stained by chip kebab and ending with the declaration "same time next week".


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