Saturday, April 10, 2004

I'm currently taking driving lessons in the Atkins Diet. I tell you it seems fucking fantastic, Dr Stevo tells me how he now HAS to eat Carbs to STOP him losing weight and wasting away. Unfortunately however I cannot fully commit myself to the long haul and hard full schedule of the Dr Atkins spiel itself. First I need to drink as I need to socialise as I need to meet girls as I need to sleep with girls as I need to marry girls as I need to have kids and be a father as I need to live happily ever after. Dr Atkins never planned on that problem I suspect. Secondly, Atkins food supermarket shopping just makes you appear fucking insane, completely neanderthal and caveman. Piles of meat and cheese with bottled water in my basket (I have not graduated/matured to shopping trolley yet) needs to have some kind of balancing element to cover tracks and therefore my already costly grocery bill doubles as I slip in some cover items in the form of Frosties (free hacky sack this week) and men's mags with DVDs. Hard work.


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