Thursday, April 15, 2004

April 13 (tuesday): I bumped into part of my past Tuesday. Back in the day I had not reached the great heights of accountant semi senior, instead I was a dog's body YT "student". From 93 to 95 I went to a terrifying "college" called SEAX Training where I was surrounded by glueheads from Clacton and Greanstead LEARNING to be hod carry. OK, this is probably over-exagerating but it was a truly terrifying point of experience in my formative years, very emotionally scarring. It wasn't all bad though, I was in the admin class and there were some real hotties I feel in like with and tonight as I was locking up the office I have christened Chernobyl I bumped into Francis Bullock. It was a real shock when she recognised me and actually acknowledged (believe me, I get blanked a lot these days). It didn't seem like it had been ten years and she still seemed great. However I fucked up again, slurring and grunting in my current nervous state and as we parted ways I said "hey, pop into the office and say hello if you ever need an interest". WHAT???? Mental!


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