Monday, May 17, 2004

where did the days go? Here is the last two weeks in rock and the state of the union:

May 2 (sunday): I spend all day MSN Messengering Sara in Dubai. She finishes work at 6pm their time (3pm our time). I spend the rest of the day not revising but watching The Day Today DVD. I fall asleep.

May 3 (bank holiday monday): likewise as yesterday, MSNing a bored Sara at her work while I spend the day listening to The Streets MP3s and trying to be arsed to actually leave the house and buy foodstuffs. I rains a storm though, therefore I fear going outside. Thankfully the ever reliable shows a Britney Spears concert. She has turned into a total prostitute!

May 4 (tuesday): tonight I meet Sarah and we go to see Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind. When we first meet (in Edwards) she tells me I have lost weight (thanks Atkins) and that she nearly didn't recognise me. I love the film I think it is fantastic and as per usual, the cinema almost makes me cry (see blub at Lost In Translation in January). Sarah says she likes it but I can tell she was bored. I walk her to her car, on the ghetto side of Colchester, and she tells me her favourite films are Predator and Terminator 2. Add this to her also fancying Gary Lineker when she was younger and I am amused. Not long after I get in (alone) she texts and says she had fun and we should see Troy when it comes out.

May 5 (wednesday): fuck knows what happens today. Granddad at work gives me grief. We don't play football.

May 6 (thursday): I go to a client's in Mildenhall. Needless to say I get lost finding it but not TOO lost. I have a whale of a time at Pipeline Maintenance and the client loves me. I am late however leaving and I have a session this evening. I ended up turning up to it in my suit and I look good and I feel good. The session is fantastic, it's not me it's them after all (apparently). Afterwards I am feeling high so I go out to Asda and Tesco as somewhere to wear my suit out and to hopefully bump into people. I am turning into Patrick Bateman.

May 7 (friday): got Football Factory and the Passion Of The Christ on hooky DVDs today. Have to admit Football Factory bored me a bit but there are some amazing shots of the Surrey Quays walk to the New Den, it is that intimidating in real life. Passion Of The Christ really bored me. Silly fucking film, unneccasarily extreme.


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