Saturday, October 23, 2004

September 21 (Tuesday): Bompensiero. Another day beginning of more random MSN from Sara. What gets said, no one will ever know, like a dream every day it gets forgotten almost immediately.

Today at work is spent with Stevo telling us over and over about the Star Wars DVDs and telling us all facts from the extras with neither knew nor wanted to.

The working day again is a snorer and at lunchtime, me and Stevenator get Chinese buffet and it tastes fantastic. This is Mr Wing’s place and he is a real player in Colchester apparently, from having a number of properties right up to being known as a player to the Triad. Apparently when there was that high speed gangster chase down the A12 from London and the guy just gave himself in at the police station screaming “arrest me, the Triad are after me� (which made it into The Sun!), I have been told this was the guy and the place the crim was headed to. This place is smaller and cheaper than Zentral but the food tastes so much more nicer, the ribs taste sweeter and it all must be badder (more unhealthy) for you. When we are done, we are the last people left in the restaurant and the guy serving us keeps asking if I want another plate, a sure sign I’m getting fatter. And here you actually get fortune cookies, mine which reads “The well-beaten path is not always the right road�. Amen brother.

After work, I head to my parents again, as per fucking usual in my boring routine. I wonder if people are as bored reading this as I am bored writing it? As I leave, I drive past the football ground, already chock full of WBA supporters at six pm. When I get in I blag some grub and bum about home. I call up Mark to see how his latest job hunting efforts in London are going, hopefully better than mine went.

Meanwhile back in Colchester, the U’s are beating West Brom 2-1 in the Carling Cup. Whoops, maybe I should have been there instead.

I stay home and watch The Sopranos on E4 before bumming off home, listening to Mark Radcliffe on the way. As soon as I get in, I have Tom and B both hitting me on MSN but ultimately I’m too tired to comply and scrape too much worthwhile conversation off my back. Good night.

np: Suicidal Tendencies – I Saw Your Mommy


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