Friday, October 22, 2004

September 19 (Sunday): Moltisanti. Sunday morning, good times. Wow, my shine is already wearing off. Whoops. Here comes the usual Sunday morning sparring bout with Sara on MSN. And today it is a real battle for some reason, we snap at each other and get explicit revealing peccadilloes and perversions, we get boringly clinical about sex in an attempt to gross eachother out I think. And this lasts for a very long period of the morning, starting out fun but becoming tired probably during the first hour of the approximate four.

Today I am considering going up to Millwall to see the heroes from Thursday night, when I genuinely felt inspired. Weather wise, the day kicks off healthily but soon peters out and this (good weather) is an essential ingredient/element when deciding whether you are going to drag your arse to Bermondsey on a Sunday afternoon or not. In the end, the weather doesn't cut it ,so neither do I.

Instead, I watch the remainder of Fubar (cancer of the bollock of the bollock should NOT be funny!) and spend a boring slow Sunday at home, save for the newspaper run of a dozen stores searching for an Observer with music section. I wind up in town and there I manage to get a paper. I also text Emma to see what English homework this week was. Seems nothing.

When I get home, Three Amigos is on TV and there is always a little time in my heart for the comedic genius of Chevy Chase. First though, I cook my lunch which turns out to be baked beans in Consomme soup and it is thoroughly revolting.

I attempt to listen to Millwall v Watford on internet radio on BBC London but for some stupid reason, last week I deleted RealPlayer from my computer and I wind up spending almost an hour trying to reinstall it. When I finally hit paydirt, Millwall sound fucking atrocious and they go down 2-0 to Watford and Danny Dichio manages to get himself sent off. Bravo. All in all, I'm glad I didn't bother going.

Around 5pm Mark phones up and I go around his and play Pro Evolution 3 and talk about job hunting whilst also watching some of the groomer channels on cable. Result, I blag some dinner and we head to the Hogshead around 8pm to do the quiz.

Spookily when we arrive at the Hogs, I see Bagley again but once more I ignore the prick, mainly because of the stories I found out last summer that he had been spreading about me, communication would only be opening up a can of worms I feel. In the pub with hook up with Mark's mate Mark who is some kind of birdwatcher and has the loudest, bellowing laugh and a whole bunch of other Frisbee players. A few more people turn up, including the Emily girl whose mum used to teach at my old school. And the girl I semi find attractive, probably due to being an apparent combination of a couple of other girls I previously had a thing for also. In other words, not traditionally attractive, well spoken and drippy sounding (sorry). The quiz happens and its hard work, I don't think I even answer one question. I do however look up the answer to a question on GPRS, for which I get royally spoken down to for doing; goody goodies. The quiz ends and we all go home.

When I get in, My Cousin Vinny is on TV (and I love Marisa Tomei) but tonight ends with today being the day Bella talks me into registering for It is the new Friendster. Please log on and be my friend. I wind up on Msn with B until well past midnight, which probably isn't the smartest move being a school night and all.

np: Nelly - Flap Your Wings


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