Friday, October 22, 2004

September 20 (Monday): Bucco. The morning begins with me awakening shattered and miserable, more sleep please! I MSN Sara briefly and she is hungover and teasing me about eating a dog biscuit. Still! Its Monday morning and I walk in, to work in. As I listen to Moyles on my phone, it rings and I am rudely interrupted by Andy at Hays getting in touch to ask me further about the Roses job. I tell him that I need to see at work how much study will cost next year and that it really needs to be part of my employment package. I quote him a figure of £1500 and he says that might throw a spanner in the works and that I will have to quote him an exact figure before he can speak to them to negotiate on my behalf. When I finally get in and look into figures, courses for the final three ACCA exams with BPP top £1900 and 25 days! Ouch! Suddenly I find myself getting very serious about my professional studies. I telephone Andy Hays back and it begins to look bleak. And add this to the fact that I am already getting cold feet.

Today I am in a pretty good mood in actuality, bouncing about Chernobyl with vigour. Sometimes I am so wrong. Early morning, a woman who looks exactly like Chan Marshall crosses. I am in like. However she is wearing one of those stupid ponchos that all trendy chav girls appear to be wearing/sporting like fucking fools. Ha ha!

Today is Mr Who's birthday. Today he is old. I don't think people his age actually have a number, their age is just old. Whatever though, the whole office gets cakes so we like him for that.

In the office I find myself liked. For the off I find myself telling Stevo and Sandip too much detail about Friday night and it is met with equal amounts of hilarity and disbelief. And I actually find myself telling them more details than I told to Sara!

At lunchtime Stevo and I go to town to buy the Star Wars DVD box set like a couple of kids in a sweet shop. We get our DVDs in Woolworths where staff are dressed like Jedi and Wookies. This is the way forward in retail. And its kind of amusing when the staff Stevo if he wants to buy a half price lightsabre and not me! From there we head to the New Inn where Who is dishing out birthday drinks. When we arrive, it is just him, Drew and Ivan and is a pretty pathetic sight, with the atmosphere akin to a wake. Even none of the partners have turned up and I genuinely believe now that there is something going on behind the scenes between the partners of the firm and perhaps that he and Jack may have fallen out. So us four come along and at least manage to liven things up, even if it is ever so slightly. It happens.

Stevo gives me a lift home for the first time in a month, so I guess this now represents his shoulder is officially better. When I get in, I watch that awful Don't Be A Menace…. movie that I bought on DVD from Swag Converters Saturday. I used to think this movie was funny/cool but now it is so bad, it depresses me and sends me to sleep.

When I wake up I actually manage to write the rest of the evening, right through until the Sopranos is. Bickety bam!

np: Afghan Whigs - Retard


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