Sunday, October 17, 2004

September 14 (Tuesday): Cifaretto. Morning. Sara tries to get in touch on MSN. As I walk to work along Layer Road hordes of soldiers with machine guns come stomping along the pavement, my way. The joys of living in Soldier Town.

At work today there is a particular balls up with regards to the year end on a job, which results in almost an Andy v Me incident. I wonder what will become of the fall out, how much blame I will cop and it really stresses me out.

At lunch time I stagger around town with Stevo, trying to avoid spending money.

In the afternoon I call home, call off my usual Tuesday night visit home.

In the evening, once home, I actually manage to get around to doing some writing. I then put on Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones and try to get into it but this one (as opposed to the OK Phantom Menace) genuinely is awful, way too much CGI.

My TV evening is saved however by NY-LON, a show that I have unfortunately avoided but actually turns out to be pretty good.


np: Goldie – Inner City Life


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