Wednesday, October 13, 2004

September 10 (Friday): Sacramoni. Serving hard time. I awaken with no time to sit. Off the back of five hours sleep my aim/requirement today is to pull myself together to today's return interview at Rose's. I awaken at 6.52 desiring another four hours sleep, seeing the expired Run Ronnie Run DVD running on my TV. I pull myself together and dude, I look money! I couple this with a very milky cup of Rocket Fuel and I am ready to roll.

I drive to the Business Park with gusto, Moyles playing American Idiot by Green Day and it sounds the best thing ever. The interview is pretty sound. I interview with the Managing Director (I believe) and give good, I find my voice and reign coherently, almost like my old self. It seems to go well.

I tear through Colchester, driving triumphantly listening to Last Splash by the Breeders at earbleeding levels. I arrive at Butt Road for work about 20 minutes late. No one appears to notice. Stevo thinks I have skived off the day and gone to Millwall to get UEFA tickets. As I walk from the car park to the office I check my email and there is one from Phoebe. I read it and it is the inevitable heave ho I eternally seem to receive. It reads: "About the going out thing, I think you are fantastic and I am so happy that you want to spend time with me, but is just that I know you are looking for a girlfriend and I don't want you to waste your time on me, since I am not looking for anything like that at all - sorry. I hope you wont be mad at me."

Back to square one.

It is becomes a heavy day, the grind that is work these days feels supersized. Bored at work I phone up Mark to see what's what. Nothing, just the general job hunt on his part. I then phone home and Dad has been made redundant by Sextons, turns out that he has been to work and had an argument with Ernie (the boss) after returning to work did not quite work out. Mum then says that they're about to have their house revalued, sounds like they're on the move; the move being suggested is to Colchester. I them complete a hat-trick of phonecalls when I finally sign up for AOL Broadband using some offer they are currently pushing/touting. I feel a mug signing up but I guess once I am viewing broadband porno all will be forgotten.

When I get in from work it is still a priceless evening but nothing is on. I decide to get chips to cheer me up (comfort eating again Jase). When I pop out, there is my neighbour religiously washing his old banger done up Ford Sierra/Mondeo, eager to chat it seems. I wave him off, avoiding the man like the plague.

As I drive through early evening Friday night traffic, via the mean streets of Colchester, I see the new Mecca of the town and its name is Funderworld! A travelling theme park is setting up shop in town for a week or so and it just brings a buzz with it. These sad, pikey, carney types are invading Colchester and all we can do is embrace it. Two words: Springfield and monorail.

As I return from the chip shop, my neighbour remains around and fully collars me. We talk about the politics and ins and outs of Hollytree Court for much too long but at least it is being social and "good neighbours come good friends." Ho ho. While I'm talking to him, Ben calls up to see if anyone is going out tonight. I don't fancy it, Mark is busy until late and Chris has an early start in the morning, so it all seems out. Ben is easy to fob off.

Once I finally escape my neighbour's grips I return upstairs to settle in for another saddo Friday night in. I settle down for more life lessons from Queer Eye and dad logs in on MSN and I ignore him, tonight I really do not want to listen to his woes. I think I am a big big arsehole for having this attitude but some days you just want to bury your head in the sand and not listen to anyone else's problems other than your own.

The highlight of my evening turns out to be watching Jasper Carrott's shit sit com (shit com) All About Me about the world view of an teenage Asian Stephen Hawking. How sick is the world that we live in? Again I fall asleep watching Run Ronnie Run. Fever! Sweet dreams.

np: Money Mark - Hand In Your Head


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