Monday, September 27, 2004

August 27 (Friday): Splashdown. Today in general is a day at work I could do without.

Good morning good morning. This morning I drive the company bubble car into work and sheepishly work (hide) in Chernobyl to avoid question from partners as to why I have not gone to Acme Careforce for a third day of audit action. My plan is basically to go down to the client with Drew if needed because today Lindsey needs the bubble car, as she always does on Friday mornings. Early/mid-morning, Drew telephones me from the client and says "I take it you're not coming here today then". Whoops.

Today I have the fear, I probably shouldn't be here. I hate the fear it’s a panic attack for no reason, generally brought on my doing/taking drugs or alcohol. This time around though, it comes from nothing other than needless work stress and pressure. Stevo isn’t at work today, so there is no person to set off angst onto.

Today is the morning of no work, as I am hiding from the partners, I am hardly like to approach them for work (ho ho). Stevo phones from home, he has the UEFA cup draw and Millwall have drawn some team from Hungary I have never heard off. Oh fantastic. A bit more optimistic though, if Millwall get through they will be in a group with Feyenoord. Nice.

It is a typical slow Friday, nobody wants to work and nobody really does. I get the FAD (Friday afternoon depression) but sail it out. Late on in the afternoon I begin talking to Jack about stuff and he tells me that he'll buy me a drink at the Dragoon. So from the space of fearing all partners in the morning, I end the working day sat in the pub on my todd with the main boss talking about religion and generally "fucking birds". I actually really really like Jack as a person, he is always interesting and is generally one of the most rounded and intelligent people going. We have to leave the pub fairly early however as Amir Khan is boxing in the Olympics for Great Britain (even though he is actually Pakistani).

I walk home, slightly staggering, a bit pissed from two pints (these days I sure am a lightweight). I do manage to get home in time to see Amir Khan in his semi final and he wins.

In the evening I have a saddo Friday night in. I go to Sitcom Ohio and soon pass out due to touching alcohol

I sleep with a butt plug in and have really vivid dreams as a result, all about being really filthy.

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