Thursday, October 28, 2004

October 8 (Friday): Like Chickens…Delicious Chickens. This morning, out of nowhere, I awaken from a dream about my Dad dying, not so much the occurrence but more the aftermath, the hospital visits, the funeral and the general duties. It is the worst imaginable dream going, it makes me feel old and immature but also vulnerable and 100% depressed upon waking up and beginning my day.

I drive into work and drive out of work in the horrible bubble car, not another thing happens today as far as I can recall.

Late in the afternoon I check the BBC news on my phone GPRS and it turns out that there are reports of a video of Ken Bigley’s demise being distributed to Reuters. And that one is that, really it was only a matter of time in earnest.

Today is the day that EA FIFA 2005 comes out and in the newspaper it is advertised as being only £24.99 at PC World. This turns out to be bollocks as I head straight to PC World after work and get charged £29.99. Whatever though, FIFA 2005 is much better than FIFA 2004, quicker and easier to play, I’m well into it. Also whilst in Stanway, I go to Sainsburys and buy the sickliest, most unhealthy chocolate cereal for my evening’s dinner.

This evening Sarah Shah texts me out of the blue, asking if I would like to go for a drink tomorrow night. Why is it that she always seems to want to go out when England play matches? I tell her “this weekend isn’t good for me, maybe next week� when really I think I might be better for me just to ignore. She soon shoots back though “its all right, I’m going with Darien now�. Like I give a goddamn.

I play FIFA 2005 until late and then go to bed, a very thrilling Friday evening in the life of JGRAM.

np: Mudhoney – Poisoned Water


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