Thursday, October 28, 2004

October 5 (Tuesday): It’s Perfectly Understandishable. Dream: I’m knocking about, guesting with a firm at Millwall in the same way that I do with Stevo at AFC Wimbledon. The head of the firm is the guy from the Chelsea firm in Football Factory and he tells me to get lost, that I don’t fit in. The rest of the firm disappears but I am not budging, instead I am still making efforts/attempts to impress and fit in. In the end I find myself cross referencing an audit file!

This morning, I am out on the road, heading to a place somewhere around Suffolk/Cambridgeshire called Kennett/Kentford and a client called Acme Harness. I try, I genuinely attempt, to leave my flat at 8 AM but it’s a tad beyond reality after waking up at 7 AM feeling sluggish (as you do). Eventually I leave at 8.15 and hit the nightmare roads of the A12 and the A14 listening to my BPP ACCA student tapes/cassettes. As I put some files into the boot of the bubble car, I find a set of golf clubs in the boot, surely no one will/would notice if I just take/borrow one of them.

I arrive at the client at around 9.45, finding it first time after passing Bury St Edmunds and its famous sugar plant which smells sickly sweet in the sickest way. I drive the company bubble car for the first time in weeks and every time I ride/drive this car, I resent it’s existence more by the moment. Today, my efforts towards destroying the car (it’s a leaser) is to see if I can make it go 100mph. And it just about does.

Once again, I arrive at the client at 9.45, parking up in the wrong section of the industrial estate car park, macking the most amazing looking secretary in big pink jumper, making the perfect packaging, wrapped around the best pair of breasts going to man that I just want to reach and grab. Sadly however, this is not the client I am working at today. When I eventually find the office I am supposed to be in (whoops), the guy/manager/director I am working for today looks like Mike Ditka, is very gruff and has ageing tattoos all up his arms. I do all right introducing however, Who is there to hold my hand initially and it’s a breeze and I soon tear into my work.

I work all day non-stop, feeling welcome at this client and being regularly refilled with great cups of coffee. This is a fantastic company/firm, a real mom and pop success story employing local hicks and making a real difference to its community. The employees are real good people types, all of which seem to know Alan, who I am covering for today, and asking him how his baby is getting on, not knowing that the poor bubs is in Great Ormond Street fighting for its life. I briefly explain to people the situation, cutting short not wishing to be a downer and not really knowing all the details myself. I do find myself at moments in the morning thinking about the whole situation of Alan’s baby falling ill shortly after birth and I find myself feeling genuinely upset for him.

Mid afternoon I get a phonecall from Stevo and he is pretty much begging me to play in goal tomorrow night as they cannot find anyone else to play. For some reason, Who changed the plans today and told me that he had arranged for us to go over to Acme Maintenance Thursday whereas I originally thought I would be over there tomorrow, seems he thought today would be a two day job, so I’ll be back in the office tomorrow anyway. The good vibe of the company is conducive to producing good work and I have a great day, getting more work produced than I could have hoped for. I leave with everybody happy, not least me for feeling really pleased with myself and having really enjoyed the/a work atmosphere for the first time in weeks, maybe months.

I am finished by five and I tear down the A14 and get home just after six. As per every other Tuesday, tonight I tear home back to my parents to watch The Sopranos etc. Upon arrival, they’re all right.

Tonight Dad points me towards the photo they took of me on my birthday holding Snowy and they both (mum and dad) tell me what a good/nice photo of me it is. I look at it and I just look really terrible/awful in it. Also it seems Dad’s niece is trying to arrange some kind of meal between us lot. Its currently a strange situation with the family, mum’s side seems to be messing them about causing a real rift while dad’s side of the family appears to be trying to regroup or something. Pros and cons, pros and cons.

When I drive home, late at night, I notice a drunkard staggering home, walking up Layer Road and I consider how cool would it be if I got out of my car and hit him with a golf club and took his money. He’d never know what happened, what had hit him. Alas however, the golf clubs are in the other car.

Once back in the warmth and safety of my flat, I discover that my downloading of an old episode of the “lost� Meet Ricky Gervais has happened. I suspect her will want to keep this TV show buried but there are some really funny moments on it.

I go to sleep.

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