Wednesday, October 27, 2004

September 29 (Wednesday): Morning. Within the space of an hour, a dull day turns into a beautiful autumn morning, complete with fine bright sunshine and comforting chill.

At work, it is a weird morning, with me and Stevo throwing our usual shit at each other (banter) but today we just push too far and wind the other (especially me) up. Louise is in a mood too (El Moodo). It seems that everything is pissing her off at the moment.

At lunchtime, I wander around town on my own and it is actually much preferable to hauling Stevo’s corpse around (as is every other day it seems). At the end of a good lunch break, I walk back towards work and see a couple of Birket long people, the guy that looks like Jake Gyllenhal and Natasha Austin who I used to go to school with. I say “hi� but don’t stop when I get the impression that Natasha really wanted to stop for a chat. Whoops. Problem, I really don’t feel up to small talk today.

In the afternoon, it’s a real bore and the highlight turns out to be me and Stevo pretending to be WWF wrestlers, hitting each other with pretend folding chairs and Stevo coming to the conclusion that if I were a WWF wrestler I’d be called “The Pisstaker� because I am just so fucking lazy. Wanker.

When I get in from work, thumbs up, I have received my Capital One credit card through, to be used for transferring my Virgin credit card balance. I pick up my card and the wankers have only given me £200 credit! Jesus Christ, that will go nowhere; you spend that much on a good night! What is the point of handing out such a low level? I was expecting a limit of £4,000. Tossers.

This evening we play football and it’s far from a success. Stevo laughs it off; claiming his shoulder still hurts when really he’s going to an AFC Wimbledon match. Likewise, after last week’s mauling, Ben has laughed it off to go to Col U v Southend tonight. For tonight’s game, Ivan has dragged in some “useless thug that will kick out� called Lloyd, so it winds up just barely being five on our team (including Kevin and Jeremy, who is pretty much a regular these days who blows hot and cold). Lloyd does turn out to be as described but also at the same, very entertaining to watch. At half time we go in trailing 3-6, which sucks because until a quick spell just before half time, the game had been a lot closer even though Ivan is our only real runner again this week. In the second half, things pretty much continue as per the first half and this week again Jev is acting like a wanker. This week’s match isn’t really pleasure, it is a chore and when it ends at 12-7 to Birkets, we’ve all had enough.

When I get in, I am fucking knackered. And tonight I have my first English essay to write. I attempt it but it is really hard, the ideas aren’t coming. After football, I stink and I really need a bath, which I actually manage to get into/have.

I continue labouring with my homework as B hits me on MSN but I really can’t be bothered with her. I can’t be bothered with anything.

I wind up laying naked on my bed, listening to random MP3s, waiting for a new show called Arrested Development to begin. Around 9.30, out of the blue, Mark phones me up asking if I want to go out for dinner or something. He has only just gotten back from a job interview in Kettering and is starving. I’ve had Corn Flakes for dinner, I am broke and he is suggested we go for a pizza or something. Were it not so spur of the moment, were I not lying naked on my bed, were Col U not busy dealing with Southend messing up Layer Road traffic, were I not waiting for Arrested Development to begin on TV, I would have happily gone along. Even after I decline, I immediately get hunger pains and decide I made the wrong decision not to get something to eat. I’m just not flexible or spur of the moment me.

However, Arrested Development turns out to be a fantastic show, just like Royal Tenenbaums as a TV show with a faultless, excellent cast! And I didn’t even realise David Cross was in it. Top show!

And Col U lose to Southend. Again.

np: William Shatner – I Can’t Get With That


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