Thursday, October 28, 2004

October 11 (Monday): The Cry Of A Hungry Baby. This morning is another trip to Pipeline Maintenance, the worst possible scenario for a Monday being the hard times trip/drive up the A14 at the beginning of the week to Mildenhall. Fuck Suffolk and its ridiculous speed limits.

I get into Mildenhall and the client’s shortly after 9AM and my arm and neck are still caning with pain, even to the point I blag some Nurofen from the clients. Is it down to the all driving I have done lately I wonder/consider?

My day at the client’s is pretty frustrating as once more I play the supervisory role to the boss’s daughter (Martin Fowler’s stalker lookalike) and watch her try to play catch-up on accounts behind back to April this year, knowing that I could put/push the information into the computer at at least twice the speed. This is my second day of this current run on/at this job and in the summer I was criticised for taking too long, taking two days doing double what this current spell is achieving.

By the time 4PM comes around, and after working through lunch, I am bored rigid, next to tearing my hair out and apparently it shows and the clients can tell. Not good. Still, it is a genuine relief to be out of there today and heading back up/down the A14 home to safety.

When I get home there is this new reality TV show on BBC2 tonight called The Apprentice which features Donald Trump giving jobs and tasks to various Yank business types view to winning a spot on/in his corporate setup. The show is the greatest! Suits without shame. And the guy who almost gets eliminated tonight is complete insane, its excellent telly.

The evening turns out to be a real no no and I have every intention of staying up to watch Father Ted and The Sopranos but instead I just pass out knackered/tired.

np: Fitz Of Depression – See Me Hear Me


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