Wednesday, September 15, 2004

August 11 (Wednesday): Hard Day’s Jason. I comfortably wake up, like a jumbo jet coming into a smooth landing. Phoebe Toronto has answered my email, telling me what “ng hia tho� means. I MSN Sara this morning and we manage to go without having an argument, I am nice nice, I can be a good guy sometimes after all.

On my PC I attempt to download the Cantonese dictionary in order to put it on my computer at work but currently my PC isn’t having it, there is something horribly wrong in my cyberspace.

At work at the moment I think I am working better. And I genuinely think this may be due/down to the fact that I have switched from black ink to blue ink. Yes I am aware that that sounds totally fucking stupid but “it’s all right if it makes you feel better�.

Oh what a day to be unemployed or a layabout student, at 11.00 this the morning the awesome Disney movie The Ugly Dachshund is on BBC2. It’s all right for some.

At lunchtime I go to town on my own and I buy the Queer Eye For A Straight Guy book with view to total self improvement. Maybe the book will help/work, maybe it won’t but it’s all good. When I get back to the office I book my place on the English AS course, if nothing else, just to have something to talk about in my/our session tomorrow. My fellow co-workers over hear me booking the course and show interest and enthusiasm for it so maybe it is a good move after all. Onwards and upwards.

The afternoon is a bit of a stinker, the sun is shining too hard and I cannot see my computer screen through the reflection of the sun out of the window, all I can see is a reflection of me. Not nice.

Thankfully, tonight we have not got five-a-side which is a real let off, instead I am able to stay at home and chill out. Bonus. I have a bath to complete the relaxation circle and not long after I get in, just after 10pm, I hear my phone beep and it is a text. I suspect its Stevo fucking about but secretly I do wish it to be somebody else. I get out of the bath especially to check the text and it is from Phoebe! Oh my, it reads “Hi! Am really piss! got a letter from acca telling me they fucking lost my paper! A wk before result! N is the audit one! Cant be the tax which i know i fail!�. Oh my, this is the first time I have ever heard her swear in any form, her being a devout Lutheran and all. She adds “I am SO Fucking mad! I will have to sit it again in september! I cannot believe it! I am going have a heart attack soon! This is unbelievable! argh………�. In the words of Marco, “drama!�. I respond considerately and caring, making some funnies and trying to make her feel better. Eventually she seems to calm down with “I am so mad! Argh……Luckily i went to kick boxing today otherwise i might not sleep at all! Ps my cold is NOW cured! I have been yelling so loud! Argh…�. All in all, this is a new side to Phoebe I have never seen/heard and I like it, gotta love someone so visceral. I know I shouldn’t but I do kind of find the whole episode funny, not so much her situation more her reaction and I go to bed in good spirits, feeling honoured that she comes to me over something as important as this.

I go to bed/sleep watching Kevin Costner’s JFK, maybe he (Jim Garrison) could sort out the mystery of Phoebe’s missing exam paper and Kevin Costner could make a movie about the conspiracy of it all. I fall asleep before I see the ending of the film but I believe JFK gets shot.

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